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Which size candle sleeve do I need?

by PAUL KEYES May 02, 2022 2 min read

Who Knew There Would Be This Many Decisions to Make!

You've decided that you want to upgrade the candle cover on your fixture. You decide on the style and color and then suddenly start seeing expressions like candelabra or medium base when referring to sizes. After a little more research you realize that there is not just one size of socket or one size of candle cover. So how do you figure out which size? You will be happy to know that it is not very complicated. Get your ruler out and read on to learn the steps to take!

Determining the Socket Size

Determining the size of the socket that is on your fixture is the first step in choosing the candle cover. Candelabra and medium base are the names for the common socket sizes that are found on most lighting fixtures designed for the U.S. market. In some rare cases we find a European size socket. Most of our products are designed to fit specifically over these sockets so it is important to choose the correct size. To determine which size that is on your fixture simply measure the diameter of the socket. To figure this size just measure the top of the socket (the location where the bulb screws in) from outside to outside. Your size should fit into one of the following:

  • Candelabra. A candelabra socket has an outside diameter of 3/4” and will require a candelabra candle cover. This candle cover has an inside diameter of 13/16” to allow it to fit comfortably over the socket. This is the most common size so if you think this is the size on your fixture please measure very accurately. Occasionally we see some sockets in this category that were not manufactured according to U.S. specifications. If your socket is smaller that's ok because the candle cover will still fit. However, if the socket is slightly wider (e.g. 7/8") then a replacement candle cover will not fit. This is not a common issue but it highlights the importance of accurate measurements.
  • Medium Base.  This size is also known as 'Standard' or 'Edison' - just to make this confusing! This socket will have an outside diameter of approximately 1-1/8” and requires a medium base candle cover. Then candle cover will have an inside measurement of 1-3/16” to allow for a perfect fit.
  • European Size.  If the socket has an outside diameter of 15/16" it is an 'Intermediate' or European size. This size socket will require our European size candle cover which an interior of 1". This size is uncommon because it is mostly found on fixtures imported from Europe. Candle covers in this size are available only in our beeswax collection because the unusual size needs to hand made to order.

After determining the socket size step one is completed! The next step is to measure the accurate height for your candle cover. Please review our Measurement and Installation page for tips.

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