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6 Watt Silicone Bulb Candelabra Base


Silicone dipped bulbs are designed for ambiance and not for where a lot of light is required. However, in a situation where ambiance is required, they add a dramatic effect when combined with our candle covers. Our 6 watt silicone dipped bulbs are hand-dipped to produce a candle flame appearance. When illuminated, light travels all through the bulb and into the flexible tip. These bulbs are incandescent, not LED. They are fully dimmable and do not require a special dimmer.

Details & Specifications

  • Satin finish silicone dipped light bulb
  • 1500 hours average life
  • Dimmable incandescent bulb - not LED
  • 6 Watts, 120 volts
  • Candelabra (E12) Base
  • Also available in 15 watt.